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Everything begins with a clean skin…

Nowadays, the skin undergoes a tremendous amount of abuse (stress, smoking, pollution, poor diet, …) Whether it’s from outside or from inside, this abuse prevents the skin from regenerating at its own pace.

If there is one thing that we can do to help our skin, it is to cleanse it thoroughly (but gently!). It is essential to choose the right products and no matter your skin type, being gentle is key.

Double cleansing is a practice which has come straight from Asia and combines the use of a make-up remover and a cleanser. This way, the skin is cleared of all traces of make-up, pollution… And will be able to begin its overnight regeneration process.

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Skin care begins first thing in the morning and must stay very basic. A simple cotton pad soaked with a floral water or thermal water solution is more than sufficient, provided that the cotton comes away completely clean.If it is still dirty, take another cotton pad and wipe again, as this means that there are still impurities remaining. You can apply your usual skin care products immediately afterwards.

In the evenings the process becomes a little more drawn out but it is important to think of this as a time for relaxation, all while doing good to your skin.

The cleanser comes in many forms: gel, oil, balm … You can choose the texture that suits you best. We often hear that oil is good for dry skin and that gel is meant for oily skin, but honestly it does not matter that much as the make-up remover is followed up by the cleanser. What it comes down to, I think, is just personal preference and what feels best for you.However, it is best to avoid coconut oil for combination to oily skins. It may be comedogenic. As for cleansing water, it is better to use only in emergencies but not as part of a daily routine, as it does not cleanse deeply. Even organic brands still often use surfactants, which irritate the skin in the long term.Egyptian Magic Balm - Egyptian Magic


So, grab your favourite cleanser and massage it gently on your face. This helps the blood circulate and bring back that beaming, healthy look. Being too rough damages the skin, so go gently. Rinse your skin with either a hot, damp flannel – ideal for cleansing the eyes or skip to the next step: the cleanser.

Again, there are several types of cleansers: gel, water which turns into foam, cream, soap, … If you go for the soap, make sure that the ingredients are cold pressed. This guarantees a quality product, and will cleanse more gently.

I think it is unnecessary to use a “foaming” product both morning and evening. Even oiliest or acne prone

blue soap, herbivore, detox, balancingskin, produce sebum to act as protection. Excessive cleansing impedes this protection and may cause the skin to produce even more sebum, which clogs pores further and causes spots.


Gently lather, then rinse thoroughly with warm water, ideally finishing off your routine by splashing cool water on your face to close the pores and give your skin a radiant complexion.


If after these steps, you feel as though your skin is a bit “tight” that means the cleanser is too harsh for your skin. Just because it is natural and organic does not mean it is suitable for everyone.

The only advice I can give you is to spray floral water or a tonic that will enhance the effects of your usual skin care. Along with a serum that will help the products penetrate deeper.

You will find a few specific products for removing make-up and cleansing, in the shop. Now it’s up to you to decide 😉


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