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Monoi de Tahiti Oil – Anita Grant



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Suitable for all skin and hair types
The heavenly scent of this uber-lightweight natural Monoi de Tahiti (Tiare) oil aids hair growth, adds body and sheen to naturally curly and Afro hair, whilst also serving as a divine non-greasy all over your body moisturiser.
Monoi de Tahiti (Tiare) is the famed floral oil from French Polynesia. The 2000 year old technique, called tech, is the art of extracting fresh floral buds and gently soaking (macerating) them in coconut oil from the French Polynesian islands. The Gardenia Taitensis (Tiare) flower comes from the Rubiacea plant species.


The Tiare Tahiti blooms all year round with its snow-white petals that contrast against it’s glossy, dark green, smooth leaves. The Gardenia releases an unique aroma into the Coconut Oil releasing a mixture of gardenia, tuberose and a hint of apple flowers.

Natural chemical composition of Monoi de Tahiti:
Tiare essential oil is rich in active ingredients, partly explaining the flower’s many uses. GC/MS (gas chromatography and mass spectrophotometry) analyses have confirmed the presence of the active molecules in Monoi de Tahiti, thereby confirming the quality of the gentle extraction process.

Natural active compounds within pure Monoi de Tahiti:
• Methyl salicylate known for its soothing properties.
• Purified naturally occurring compounds of:
– Alcohols (like hexanol and phenylethyl alcohol)
– Esters (ethyl benzoate and methyl salicylate, for example)





How to:

• Monoi de Tahiti can be used as a pre-shampoo hot oil treatment
• As a sealant for the ends of slightly damp or freshly washed luscious locs, curls, Afro or wavy tresses as Monoi de Tahiti is perfect for locking in moisture.
• Apply Monoi de Tahiti to your body after a shower or bath
• Pour Monoi into running bath water, ease your body into the bath & lock in moisture.

Traditional applications:
The Tiare flower is the emblem of Tahiti.
It is also one of the main ingredients in French Polynesia’s traditional pharmacopoeia. Monoi is believed to effectively relieve migraine and earache, heal wounds, and even cure certain types of eczema.
“Monoi de Tahiti is the product obtained by macerating Tiare blossoms in refined coconut oil. This oil is to be extracted from mature coconuts gathered from Cocos Nucifera trees growing in the coral soil in the geographic area of French Polynesia exclusively. Only “Tiare” flower buds from the Gardenia Tahitensis species and of Polynesian origin are acceptable…”





Monoi de Tahiti Tiare (Cocos Nucifera Oil and Gardenia Tahitensis)
100% of the total ingredients are from a natural origin

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